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Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control


The following relates to cross-connections pursuant to OAC Rule 3745-95-03(A), (A)(1), (A)(2)

For non-residential users the Village of Wakeman will identify any new or increased hazards from cross-connections through a water use survey. This survey is required every 5 years or a onsite inspection is required. The Village of Wakeman will also be work with local building, zoning, health, fire protection and other agencies to identify if there are indicators that an on-site investigation is deemed necessary. Other triggers for an on-site inspection would be new or additional service line request, larger meter request or failure to respond to a water use survey.

 Please click on the red- link below for the questionnaire


For residential users we will provide an educational campaign describing common backflow hazards and cross-connections. The campaign is in pamphlet form available as a hard copy at the Bulk Water Station, Shell Station, Library, Friendship Food Center, Village Hall, and the Post Office.The educational material is available in electronic format on this website at and a direct link will be printed on the back of every June and July water bill forwarding customers to the website.   Please click on the red- link below for this educational material.





Are you a Critical Water User?

The Village of Wakeman cares about your health and understand that people with serious medical conditions need water at all times.  This is why we make every effort to contact customers with documented serious medical issues during planned and unexpected water interruptions.

If you or someone in your household has a serious medical condition and it is critical that you have water at all times, please call us at (440) 839-2970 so that we can add you to our "critical water user" list.  We will require written documentation from a medical provider in order to place you on the list.  Please know that inclusion on this list is not a guarantee of notification- as emergencies may occur without warning.  However, it is our policy to notify critical water users personally, and as quickly as possible as conditions allow, in the event of water service interruption.

As a critical water user, it is imperative that you are prepared for an unplanned water outage.  Please ensure that you keep a supply of water on hand to meet your needs in the event that water supplied by the Village of Wakeman is temporarily unavailable.




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